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​Having physical and financial health  gives you peace of mind. So does giving back to your community. 

We are a global community of leaders

who help others improve their health &

lifestyle so they can live their life with

purpose & passion!

What is True Health?

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An industry game changer that is truly changing lives.


One of the biggest reasons people get sick is due to stress and lack of money. If we do not fix this problem, we do not have true health.

Hydrating Your Life....Join the Global Movement!

ERW Medical Studies

View medical abstracts on Electrolyzed Reduced Water.


​The core of Enagic's products are to help restore and maintain good health. Without our health, we have nothing. 

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Spreading the message of compassion since 1974.

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Discover the trifecta of True Health. With the health benefits of Kangen Water®, coupled with a financial plan built on gratitude and compassion, you can create a lifestyle of your dreams filled with peace of mind and a legacy to pass down.